Thursday, 22 August 2013

Group members

Here are our roles :
  • Project Manager: Axel Tan Jing Zhi (08)
Hi, I'm Axel, I can be really quiet but once you know me, I will start to be very lively. 
My hobbies are surfing the web, finding more about Android. I do not support iPhones. 
Some of my interests are Electronic Dance Music (EDM) EDM is a general term for dubstep, electro, house, trance, DnB, trap, Nu Disco and much more.
  • Research Specialist: Donovan Neo Jia Jie (13)
Hello, I'm Donovan. My interests are, EDM music, Android, origami, astronomy stuff, techie stuff. My CCA is floorball. My strength is in Mathematics and Science. When it comes to English and Chinese, well, not so good.
Multimedia Manager: Shaun Tan Zheng Xun (23)
Morning, I'm Shaun, I'm the quiet guy you see sitting at the back of the class. I have quite a handful of hobbies including sleeping soccer, reading or just tinkering with the LD or my phone. I especially dislike Chinese and also quite weak in it. My CCA is the Media Club so you might have seen me during major events with a video camera. And yes, I can be sarcastic at sometimes.
  • Communications Manager: Dawn Lim Gin (02)

Hi there! I am Dawn. I love glee and the SST Show Choir. My hobbies are singing, dancing, harmonising, drumming, listening to music and tabulating drum tabs. I am a more of a music person. My CCA is Show Choir. My passion is "Sing, Pop, Lock, Drum". 
Pictures of us :