2. Methods

Date : 20/8/13 & 28/8/13
Time : Early Morning & After School
Venue : SST - Mostly around the canteen area

The day after we had printed out all of the surveys, we started to give some of them out. Early in the morning, we gave some surveys to around 3 of our classmates. Then, we gave some to other students in Secondary 1. Then we gave some to students from other levels. On the 28th, we asked 2 Secondary Ones to do our survey, Then we handed the surveys to random people from different levels.

Survey Questions :

Q1: For Juniors: Are your seniors approachable?
Q2 Do you think that the seniors and juniors (generally) are getting along well?
Q3 Do seniors help you with things like,
-Psychological problems
Q4 Estimated, how many seniors/juniors do you have that you talk to?
A) Don’t have at all
D) 21-30
E) 31-40
F) 41-50
G) Over 50
Q5 Would you want to participate in competitions (CCA or Others) with seniors/juniors?
Q6 What part of the relationship between seniors and juniors do you want to be made better?
-Approachability for studies
-Approachability for CCAs
Q7 What activities do you think can be useful to build better junior/senior connections?
-Study times together
-More CCA time
Q8 How do you think the PSB or SC can help improve relationships between juniors and seniors
Q9 Do you think social networking can help improve relationships, be it friendship or approachability.
Q10 How can we get seniors to take the initiative to help juniors?

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