3. Results

Raw data

1. Are your seniors approachable? 
Yes: 19 
No: 3

2. Do you think that juniors and seniors are getting along well?
Yes: 16  
No: 5

3. Do seniors help you with things like, 
Studies: 14
CCA: 17
Psychological problems: 5
Others: 3 (guitar, everyday problems, school info [subject choice] )

4. How many seniors/juniors do you have that you talk to?
1-10: 4
11-20: 8
21-30: 2
31-40: 4
41-50: 4

5. Would you want to participate in competitions(CCAs or others) with your seniors/juniors?
yes: 20
no: 2

6. What do you want to see more in mentoring of the seniors and juniors of SST?
Friendship: 20
Approachability for studies: 15
Approachability for CCAs: 12
Others: 2 (hobbies, getting along better)

7. What activities do you think can be useful to build better junior/senior connections?
Study together: 10
Camps: 21
More CCA time: 9
Others: 2 (study groups, funfairs)

Open Ended Questions:
Do you think that peer mentoring is important in SST? Why or why not?
  • Yes. You can get to bond with seniors and increase your relationship with them. You may also learn better as you will be able to clear your doubts easily.
  • Yes. Help one another.
  • Yes. You get to bond with each other.
  • Yes. As this method allows the seniors to influence the juniors appropriately/correctly/positively. This will allow/enable the juniors to learn from the seniors.
  • No. As seniors and juniors already talk online.
  • Yes. Seniors can benefit from it as they have more experience.
  • Yes. Juniors can learn from seniors about positive culture to pass on.
  • Yes. It is hard to survive alone.
  • Yes. Friends are more approachable as compared to teacher. 
  • Yes. This allows seniors to teach juniors or at least give tips 
  • Yes. Foster closer bonds between friends,  juniors and seniors.
  • Yes. So that everyone would be connected.
  • Yes. We will be more united and there would be lesser arguments.
  • Yes. We will be more ‘united’ as a school.
  • Yes. It helps bond us.
  • Yes. Because peer mentoring is an important social glue which will threaten the school spirit.
  • Yes. Build a strong rapport & able to achieve success together 
  • I think it’ll be good but I don’t think it’s required. I think anyone will be willing to help anybody in this school community. We need to interact.
How do you think we can get seniors to take initiative to help juniors?
  • They can arrange a study group 
  • More events involving both seniors and juniors.
  • Initiate a campaign 
  • Juniors should be more situationally aware
  • Allow more bonding time between the seniors and juniors 
  • By organizing bonding activities
  • Just ask them
  • I don’t know
  • Plan more seniors-junior activities
  • Teach?
  • It allows people/students to relay information with each other
  • I think that we can constantly remind the seniors to catch up and talk to the juniors daily. And activities like fun-fairs and camps as a school can bring us together.
  • Force the seniors to talk to juniors
  • I feel that if juniors approach the seniors for help, the seniors would likely help them. However, I think the problem here lies with the school culture. Since the secondary 4s have no seniors that help them, they feel the juniors have the ability to cope with school and life without their help of other levels, and this effect as resonated throughout the levels.
  • Seniors are generally friendly and approachable. Juniors should open up to more of us.
  • I do not think that seniors do not have the initiative to help juniors. We do try to interact and befriend juniors. Juniors do not approach us for help or form better relationships. We do not know how we can help or if they need help. So yeah.
  • The juniors and seniors should get to know each other more so that it is easier to communicate and ask more questions.

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