5. Recommendations

Organise Camps : We can have annual or biannual camps, preferably for 3 days during the holidays. The camps are run by the seniors, so as to form better bond between them.  They can either be held overnight or during the day. The camps will have activities that involve both the seniors and juniors.

Initiate Campaign:  A campaign by SC & PSB to talk about peer mentoring during assembly.
Put Juniors and Seniors in situation which allows them to work together: This situations help them bond together to solve their problems, it also lets them look at perspectives from a junior and senior one.

CCA Events: As many of the surveyed people say that they get mentoring from seniors of their CCA, so if we want to make seniors and juniors spent more time bonding together so that they would feel comfortable when mentoring, they should spend more time with their CCA seniors/juniors.

Study Groups: Seniors can organise study groups and study together. If the juniors have a question, they can ask the seniors. This can both help the students in academics and in senior-junior relationships.

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