7. Acknowledgements

I'd really like to thank Miss Cassandra Kaur for guiding us throughout Semester 3 and 4. Although this is just the beginning, she has helped us a lot. Thank You. 

I would also like to thank those who did our surveys. Your names will be part of the picture at the bottom of this post. Those who were anonymous, thank you too. 

Last but not least, I want to thank Dawn, Donovan and Shaun for being such awesome members.

 - Axel

I want to thank my group members for being cooperative and efficient in their work. They have made my time spent doing IRS fun and humorous as we do our work. You guys are awesome! I also want to thank my seniors for being really patient, kind, friendly and cooperative when I asked them to fill up our surveys. Last but not least, I want to thank our teacher, Miss Kaur, for facilitating our lessons and telling us what to do. She has been of wonderful help especially when she gave feedback on our topic and blog. 

Dawn :)

I want to thank all my group members for helping out with everything needed for this project, taking time out of their schedules to meet up and discuss. I want to thank the people who did our surveys, they were patient and honest with the questions and we got the information we needed. I want to thank Ms Kaur, our IRS teacher, for guiding us and correcting our mistakes during the course of the entire IRS project. 
- Donovan 

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